Want To Be An Expert Yoga Teacher? 

Here it is, the video you’ve been waiting for!

Phew…we could use a laugh, huh? While the world’s kundalini is coiled tighter than a handbasket to hell, JP Sears is here to bring us what we can only describe as…wait, are those skin-tight yoga pants or is this man just half cheetah?

JP Sears, well-known now for his regular doses of yoga satire and “ultra” spirituality, once again amuses with his cheeky, dry-wit. His latest,”Expert Yoga Teacher,” is a how-to on passive aggressive, soft-spoken, physics-defying yoga teacher cues.

“Becoming an expert yoga teacher is less about knowing the ancient roots and traditions of yoga and more about knowing how to implement lightly spoken cues using abstract language while wearing abnormally tight pants,” softly whispers the video’s description.

(Sorry, were you expecting some real expert tips?)

On Savasana, JP notes, “This is the most important pose in yoga. That’s why we only do it at the end, for a little bit of time, after all that other stuff.”

And then there’s something about monkeys and bananas and appropriate gazes.


It’s not his finest work, but that dry tone and straight-faced delivery is what gives it that special brand of JP Sears yoga-haha. Also, that outfit.

Nice work if you can get it…

Surely you’ll be an expert after viewing this highly beneficial and educational video (cheaper and WAY shorter than any teacher training!) but at the end of the video even JP admits there’s not much money to be earned teaching yoga. So JP’s made it a profession making fun of it: he’s got a book, he’s got t-shirts and, if you want to see him live and in-person, he’s going on a mini tour. Maybe he’ll start selling his own line of second skin see-through yoga pants, too. (That’s not a suggestion. Though we’d probably buy them if it kept the comedy freely flowing.)

Source: YogaDork.com

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